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rom the minute you enter our office, we will put a smile on your face. At Waverley Oaks Dental, Inc. we make it our mission to provide you with a beautiful smile and a positive dental experience.

With services including preventive care and maintenance, cosmetic dentistry, whitening, implant dentistry and orthodontics, we promise you will leave loving your new smile. Come visit us and see for yourself.


Composite vs. Amalgam

Composite and Amalgam fillings are the two most commonly used restorative materials. Unlike the metal amalgam fillings, composite fillings can be closely shade matched to your natural tooth colors. This allows for a more cosmetic and natural smile.

Replacing fillings

Filling materials are technique sensitive and must be placed with the utmost of care. Often times due to wear and diet these fillings can begin to erode and fracture. When this happens bacteria and food particles are able to occupy these microscopic spaces and form cavities beneath the filling. It is important to replace these fillings before damage can occur to the tooth structures.

What is an implant ?

There are a few ways to restore spaces where teeth have been extracted or may have never grown in. One of the most utilized and a forthcoming treatment is placement of implants. This process consists of a few appointments where a surgery is performed to place an implant structure, like a screw, in the bone. Next healing time is allowed so that the implant may become integrated with the bone. Once the implant becomes a part of the bone the implant is ready to have a crown.

What is a bridge ?

A bride is another way of replacing an area where a tooth has been extracted or a space exists. In this process the two outer teeth are shaved down in preparation for crowns. The final product will be three crowns fused together allowing for an aesthetic replacement of the original space.

Why do I need a night guard ?

Do you feel like your jaw is stiff or you are having trouble opening your mouth wide. Does your jaw feel tired and achy in the morning? Are your teeth sensitive to cold drinks? It is possible that these symptoms are a result of grinding your teeth or “bruxism” or clenching your teeth. What you need is a night guard. A night guard appliance will help prevent wear of your teeth, add relief to your jaw joint and protect existing fillings, crowns and bridges. Ask us if a night guard can help provide relief from grinding or clenching.

What is Interceptive Orthodontics ?

Sometimes children do not see the Orthodontist until tooth alignment problems become evident in the mouth. In an effort to address these sometimes preventable problems we encourage patients to meet with our Orthodontic staff between the ages of 7-9 years. Make your appointment today for your orthodontic consultation.

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